The Extension Agents are a conduit to the end-users of turfgrasses (i.e., public). Through face-to-face contact and work with Master Gardeners and other groups, Extension Agents often have more direct contact with the public and their landscape issues than plant breeders or extension specialists. The Extension Specialist will gather information related to drought tolerant turfgrasses in their state. We will conduct one or two meetings via teleconference by the end of the first year of the project. The Extension Agents will also attend a summer meeting.  

Team Members
Grady MillerNC State, Crop and Soil Science,
Jay McCurdy Associate Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences, Mississippi State University
Bernd LeinauerNew Mexico State University, Extension Turfgrass Specialist
Chrissie SeagersTexas A&M University, Extension
J. Bryan UnruhUniversity of Florida, Crop and Soil Science,
Becky Grubbs-BowlingBowling, Texas A&M University, Extension