As new cultivars are released into the market, a shift in outreach efforts is needed to reach a broader sector of society with an interest in application rather than basic knowledge behind drought tolerant turfgrasses. Among urban consumers, water purveyors, and other decision makers, our objective is to increase awareness of new cultivars and research-based management strategies that reduce water inputs. Our steering committee of extension specialists, early adopters, and communication specialists has recommended innovations in outreach efforts, in addition to standard extension activities like field days. These include but are not limited to: informational segments highlighting our research and its economic-impact on RFD TV; five-minute social media videos hosted on YouTube that include interviews with scientists focused on the social impacts of this research; a social media campaign targeting the societal impact of saving water and intended to drive viewers to TV and YouTube videos; dynamic data visualization products that help extension experts, stakeholders, and consumers understand the long-term impacts of drought tolerant turfgrass; website listing all materials developed, ranging from videos targeting the general public to research papers targeting other researchers.