Food Insecurity Resources

Although this is not an exhaustive resource bank, this page provides resources for those who are facing food insecurity in Athens, GA. If you are a student facing food insecurity, please visit our Student Food Resources page.

Food Resources in Athens

This interactive map shows different food sources in Athens, including grocery stores, restaurants, food pantries, and UGA Dining Halls.

* NOTE: This map is not a completely comprehensive list. Last updated April 2022. *

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Athens-Clarke County Transit

Athens’ bus system is available to all city residents, including UGA students. There are 20 routes that will take you through the various communities of Athens. Currently, bus fare is free for all city residents until June 2023!

Carpool Systems

  • Athens Community Council on Aging Inc. provides transportation services for the elderly for things including doctors appointments, visits to the pharmacy and trips for grocery shopping.
  • Many churches in Athens with outreach programs will transport members who are older and in need of support to stores for grocery shopping.

Food Delivery Programs

  • Meals on Wheels is an organization that supports the elderly by delivering meals to those who are not able to leave their homes. The goal of this organization is to focus on improving the elderly’s independence and health. Meals on Wheels also provides in-home services that ensure the individual’s needs are being met!
  • Campus Kitchen is a student-run program through the University of Georgia that recovers food that would otherwise be thrown away and turns them into hot meals for the food insecure community in Athens.


What is SNAP?

SNAP is a government funded program that provides families with the resources to buy nutritious foods and improve the overall quality of their lives/become self-sustainable. In order to receive SNAP benefits, you must meet the eligibility requirements, which may change yearly.

How do I apply for SNAP?

You have to apply for SNAP in the state that you live in, and you must directly contact the state agency in order to apply. After the application has been sent, an interview and verification process must happen within 30 days. After this period, the SNAP office will contact you with your eligibility! Below is a link that gives much more detailed information on the SNAP application process/eligibility.

If you need help applying for SNAP, the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia offers assistance with the application process in both English and Spanish.

To locate stores near you that accept SNAP benefits, visit

Free Food Sources

ACC has a number of free food sources available to individuals facing food insecurity, including food pantries and meal distribution.

Sign up for the Community Food Resources Bi-Weekly Digest to stay up to date on Athens food resources! This mailing list is a join effort of UGA’s Office of Service Learning and ACC Government.

There are several food pantries in Athens. UGA’s Office of Service Learning and the ACC Government have created a list of public food pantries in Athens.

Meals & Nutrition

FarmRx is a program hosted by the Athens Farmers Market. The program prescribes fresh foods to patients with chronic and diet-related illnesses. Patients also participate in cooking and wellness classes.

30 Minutes or Less Recipes

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