The Meat Science and Technology Center (MSTC), housed in the Animal and Dairy Science Department of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia, is a fully functional meat animal processing facility that is federally (USDA) inspected (est. # 7421A) to ensure that all animals are treated with their welfare in mind and to ensure the wholesomeness of the meat products that are produced.

The main purpose of the MSTC is to facilitate teaching, outreach and research education in the areas of meat animal production, meat science, and muscle biology. Aside from inspected production the MSTC also does Custom Exempt processing, where farmers are able to have livestock processed for home consumption and label Not for Sale. The MSTC is an invaluable tool to help educate and train students and the public that have an interest in working in a field that feeds millions of people every day. The ongoing work at the MSTC strives to serve the needs of the citizens of Georgia, the United States and the World.

Although the main purpose of the MSTC is to provide a facility for education, outreach, and research, we are able to sell the meat that is produced because it is inspected by the USDA. The weekly meat sales, which are hosted on Fridays, also provide an excellent environment for our students to learn about meat market merchandizing, food safety, and public relations. The MSTC partners with many local food and beverage operations, selling specialty goods to Mama’s Boy and Kelly’s Jamaican Foods and using brew from Southern Brewing Company to make our Beer Brats.

The income from meat sales goes directly back to the department of Animal and Dairy Sciences to facilitate the continued hands-on education of our students.

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How to find us

We are located at 425 River Road in Athens, GA 30602.

Below are the directions to the facility:

  1. 10 loop to College Station (exit 7).
  2. Head towards the university (inside the loop).
  3. The first light you come to will be River Rd. (If the first light you come to is Riverbend Rd., you are going the wrong way).
  4. Take a right onto River Rd, and travel about 280 yards. In this 280 yards, you will pass a university sign “E.L. Rhodes Center for Animal and Dairy Science”, then a “Meat Science Technology Center” sign.
  5. After the MSTC sign, there is a no name road that goes off to the right (towards building 1516). It has no name. Turn right onto that no name road.
  6. Approximately 105 yards, there is a turn towards the right. Turn here (just prior to Dorm 1516), and the drop pens will be immediately on your right.
  7. If you need to come into the plant, you will see green parking spaces labeled “Visitor”, and enter into door #1 (Meat Sales). Pick up door is #2.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email. Email will receive the quickest response.

Please note: Short term parking is available behind the building. There is also pay parking in the deck across the street.