Updating Georgia 4-H Forms Links

Below are two options to use to update the forms links.

1. Using Contribute and your web browser for a text link copy/paste

Open ContributeRemove Link

  • Browse to and edit the page with the broken links. Use your latest Siteimprove report to find them!
  • Right mouse click on each broken link, click Remove Link then delete the text. This will provide a clean area to add the new links.
  • Do not publish yet.

Open your browser

  • Browse to the Georgia 4-H Forms page at http://georgia4h.org/documents/ (or click the link to open).
  • Carefully highlight and copy one form text/link. Note: Don’t copy more than one text link at a time as they will paste in table format rather than as bullets.

Return to Contribute

  • Paste the text/link onto your webpage.
  • Repeat as necessary for any forms.
  • Publish your page.

2. Updating the links within Contribute

Open ContributeRemove Link

  • Browse to and edit the page upon which the broken form links are listed.
  • Right mouse click on each broken link and Remove Link (completely removes the link from the html code).
  • Highlight the text for one form.
  • Click Link.
  • Click Browse to Webpage.
  • Click Browse under the Web address (URL) box.
  • Change the url in the top Address: from http://www.caes.uga.edu/unit/oit/contribute/contentmanager.html to http://georgia4h.org/documents/
  • Tap Enter.
  • 3 individual script error boxes will pop up. Click No to close each one.Script Error dialog box
  • The Georgia 4-H Forms page will open.Georgia 4-H Forms page
  • Right mouse click on the appropriate form text and choose Copy shortcut.
  • Click Cancel.
  • Paste the shortcut link into the Web Address (URL) box.

Web Address URL

  • Click OK.
  • Repeat as needed for each form.
  • Publish your page.