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About Molly P.

Majoring in Animal Science, University of Sydney/Australian Exchange Program.

“Not all those who wander are lost”

While living in Sydney was a new experience in itself, I definitely took advantage of being in a brand new continent on the other side of the world and travelled as much as I could.  My first big trip was to Queensland to travel around and, obviously, dive the Great…
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Life in Sydney

After making the 30+ hour trek all the way to the land down under, I was immediately greeted with warm weather and welcoming people. The first day I spent in Sydney I actually travelled about an hour north to Katoomba, where an iconic New South Wales mountains range, the Blue…
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Pre-Departure to Sydney!

Hello! My name is Molly P. and I chose to spend a semester abroad in Sydney, Australia. Sydney was actually not the first place that I wanted to study abroad. I am very interested in exotic animal medicine and really wanted to spend a semester in the heart Africa reenacting…
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