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After spending over three weeks abroad I was ready to be home. I have been abroad before and my time out of the United States had caused me to conceive the notion that the world exists in a strange paradox of being both big and small. My time in Costa…
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The Impact

I had many experiences in Costa Rica that left an imprint on me; however, the most impactful event would have to be the talk given by Mr. Jack Ewing at Hacienda Baru. His story affected me in ways I did not anticipate. Here was a man who came to Costa…
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Pre-Departure: Anticipation

Anticipation. As I hugged my stepfather goodbye and stepped into the security line for the international terminal of the Baltimore airport, the feeling hummed through my veins. Anticipation. It overwhelmed the weariness I should have been experiencing from my sleep deprivation. The airport was bright and shiny line with enticing…
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