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Pike Creek Turf-Post Trip

I did not know what to expect prior to our visit to Pike Creek Turf,  other than what I saw from online pictures of Pike Creek Turf and videos of other Turf Manufacturers.  Before even arriving at Pike Creek, we were driving by fields of beautiful lush green grass.  Upon arrival at Pike Creek Turf the owner, Mr. Allen, boarded our bus to greet us with a nice warm welcome and he gave us a brief history about himself and Pike Creek Turf.  Then he stayed on the bus and we proceeded to do a driving tour of his farm.  Along the way he explained and pointed out some of the different types of turf grown on their farm.  Some of the grass was mowed up to three times a week, depending on which type of grass.  Our first stop was the place where they package turf sprigs that are shipped to international locations.  We learned that all soil has to be removed from each sprig because no U.S. soil is allowed to the leave the country.  In order to remove the soil they have to run the grass through a big washer that tumbles the grass to remove the soil from the sprigs; then the sprigs are packaged to be shipped.  Our next stop was a field where they were harvesting grass by a machine that was practically fully automated and was ran by one man.  This piece of equipment was fairly large; it cut the grass into strips while at the same time picking them up and stacking them onto a pallet and then dropping the pallet when full.  Overall the farm was amazing and I appreciated the opportunity to have the privilege to be a part of this tour.

After the tour,

Mr. Allen treated us to a BBQ dinner at his onsite club house after our tour.  The club house is used for entertaining his clients along with hosting meetings and events.  The club house was very impressive.  Pike Creek Turf has grown from a 100 acre farm to 1,800 acres and a very successful, thriving business. The generosity extended by the Allen family was beyond expectations.