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Lewis Taylor Farms Post Trip Blog

Ms. Jessica Kirk’s was our host. Her father, Bill Brim, owns Lewis Taylor Farms. It is a fourth-generation farm. They have 81 greenhouses where 275-300million transplants are produced each year. 25 million pine seedlings are also produced each year. They now own three seeders, one of which is from Italy! These seeders push the seeds into the soil by using bursts of air. A lot of Universities are partnered with them. They produce 6500 acres of produce in fields. 1000 acres of peanuts and cotton. Lewis Taylor Farms is in production all year round. Everything is harvested by hand. They have 750 employees. Labor is a big issue. They do participate in the H2A program. In a short description, transportation to this country, housing, food, and a wage of at least $11.20 is provided. They originally hired 1500 domestic laborers, none of which survived 2 weeks. Each of their greenhouses, only grow one commodity. Her grandfather began Lewis Taylor Farms in 1985 with 1500 acres. They only produce, not process. They save 65% of the water being used because of the drip systems they use. Basically the only produce they don’t grow is snap beans and sweet corn. They also house 2200-2400 bees to pollenate. They produce organic and conventional goods. Their cooler system can hold 70 truck loads. They focus a lot on being efficient and sustainability! The H2A program was definitely the most memorable. Her father is also a huge advocate for that and is working to change some of it. Lewis Taylor Farms really opened my eyes to things that take place in production that I was not aware of.