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Griffin Campus Post Trip

When we arrived at UGA’s Griffin campus, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew it was an agricultural research station and they were part of the University of Georgia, but not much more than that. During the tour however, I was given a unique opportunity to see the kind of work performed first hand. In addition to working with large corporate food retailers to improve various factors about their products such as taste and shelf life, the Griffin campus also does a great deal of research into the crops themselves. This is done to try and improve existing species to better stand the hazards of the field, whether the hazards are insect pests, crop diseases, or inclement weather and unfavorable growing conditions. They have multiple seed banks on campus designed to hold countless different samples of various crops each with slight genetic differences that suit the particular specimen to different conditions. These seed banks are invaluable in preserving the genetic codes of numerous crops we as a society would struggle without. I will admit there is plenty of work and research done at UGA’s Griffin campus that goes well over my head, but the importance of such research is plainly apparent.