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GA Poultry Lab- Post Trip

On the first day of the trip we visited the GA Poultry Lab in Gainesville, GA. I knew the minimum amount about the poultry industry before visiting the lab. The way the Lab is setup with this phenomenal diorama (pictured below)  that showcases from the beginning to end of the poultry industry. The tour is done on the second floor of the lab due to bio security. They have large windows overlooking the labs that are on the first floor that way visitors can look in and see what the scientist are doing. There was some neat technology used in the different departments. I thought this was a nice feature because you could see the actual testing in action for different diseases. They mainly serve commercial companies but also private. I did not realize how important bio security for the poultry industry was until after this stop. This stop really put the impact of the poultry industry in Georgia into perspective. I enjoyed this stop greatly and found it very intriguing.

By: Lauren Dubberly