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Proper Use and Handling of Glyphosate in Plant Nurseries

A NEW publication by Shawn T. Steed and Robert H. Stamps at The University of Florida/IFAS —————————- Glyphosate is the largest-selling single crop protection chemical worldwide (Woodburn 2000) and the most used herbicide in the nursery industry in the United States (Norcini et al. 1996). It is used for postemergent…
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Preemergence-applied Herbicides for Liriope

A common question I (Matthew Chappell) get is, “what reemergence herbicides can be utilized with liriope?” Well – let’s give this a whirl! ——————————– Authors: Christine K. Hayes, Charles H. Gilliam, Gary J. Keever, John W. Olive, and D. Joseph Eakes (Auburn University Horticulture Dept.) Liriope is a herbaceous perennial…
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Crop Profile Container and Field-Produced Nursery Crops in GA, KY, NC, SC, and TN

Crop Profile Authors: Craig Adkins, Greg Armel, Matthew Chappell, J.C. Chong, Steven Frank, Amy Fulcher, Frank Hale, William Klingeman III, Kelly Ivors, Anthony LeBude, Joe Neal, Andrew Senesac, Sarah White, Alan Windham, Jean Williams-Woodward Oh what a document – a one stop shop for basic crop production info and disease, insect and weed…
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Mulberry Weed: Identification and Control

Mark Czarnota, Ph.D., Ornamental Weed Control Specialist ( Department of Horticulture, 1109 Experiment Street Griffin, GA 30223 Mulberry weed (Fatoua villosa) (Figures 1 and 2), gives both crop growers and Extension agents in Georgia a lot of problems. Also called crabweed or hairy crabweed, it invades landscapes, field nurseries and…
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