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Maple Shoot Borer: Biology and Management of a Prominent Nursery Pest

Sarah J. Vanek, University of Kentucky Extension Associate for Nursery Crop Production   Importance to the Nursery Industry Maple shoot borer, Proteoterus aesculana (Riley) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), also known by the common names maple tip moth and maple twig borer, is a key insect pest of young maple trees in nurseries. Larvae cause tip dieback…
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A Key to Important Diseases of Common Deciduous Kentucky Landscape and Forest Trees

John R. Hartman1, Jody M. Thompson2, Julie W. Beale3 and Sara J. Long3 1Plant Pathologist, University of Kentucky (retired). 2Forest Health Specialist, Kentucky Division of Forestry, 3Plant Disease Diagnosticians, University of Kentucky.     Instructions:  Select the tree that you are examining from the following choices. After selecting the…
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