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How Many Dollars Are Falling Off Your Greenhouse Bench?

Author: Paul Thomas

Losing plants to disease and insects, nutrition or neglect happens to all of us. Our goal for publishing the e-Gro series of alerts and seminars is to give you advanced awareness of issues and potential way to address them.  Still, losses happen, and in my recent greenhouse visits, I started noticing the trash cans were staring to hold plants that had to be trashed.  From January through early March, losses are traditionally very low, and unless there was a plug shipping problem, crops seem to do pretty well.  Right about now, we start seeing the first losses due to diseases and insect issues.  As the season goes on, we add losses due to missed irrigations, mishandling, and nutritional issues.  By the end of the growing seasons, we see loses due to leggy stretched or beyond market stage plants being dumped.  When I chat with growers, the usual statement is:  “well, it’s only 2% of the crop, or we kept losses to under 10% this year…” My response?  “Oh my….”


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Three Factors That Can Impact The pH Of Growth Media

Author: Brian Sparks

The pH of water used in plant production is important when it comes to mixing with pesticides and dissolving micronutrients in water. However, according to Jose Chen Lopez, a horticulture specialist with Premier Tech Horticulture, the water pH has little influence on the pH of the growing medium. Other factors impact the pH of the growing medium.

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Foliar Absorption of Nutrients Learning Module

It is so refreshing to see companies doing great things to educate growers! Harrell’s LLC has a tradition of doing this and the following product is a wonderful example of that.

Thanks to Harrell’s LLC for allowing us to re-post.

Welcome to the Foliar Absorption of Nutrients Learning Module

This learning module explains how plants absorb liquid nutrients through their foliage, and how to maximize uptake in your nutritional spray program.

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Highlights: July 27, 2015 Edition

The aim of HighLights newsletter is to keep nursery and landscape professionals, Extension and research personnel, Master Gardeners, horticultural suppliers, and home gardeners up-to-date on news from the Trial Gardens and horticultural research at the South Mississippi Branch Experiment Station in Poplarville.

HighLights 2015-07-27

2015 International Trials Conference – Portland, OR – August 24-27, 2015

Wilsonville, Oregon (July 9, 2015) – The International Trials Conference, held this year in Portland, Oregon, has announced its schedule of stops for this year’s conference tour of area sites playing vital roles in plant research, testing, and production. The day long excursion takes place on the next to last day of the prestigious biennial conference held August 24- 27, 2015.

If you have not attended this meeting – you should. It is a wonderful location and hosted by fantastic plant-people.

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