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Friends of Southern IPM Bright Idea Award

The Friends of Southern IPM Bright Idea award goes to the Southern Nursery IPM Working Group (SNIPM) for their development of mobile information technology in the green industry. In particular, the group has developed two applications: a mobile app called IPMPro and an e-book, IPM for Select Deciduous Trees in Southeastern US Nursery Production.

IPMPro is an app designed to encourage scouting by alerting growers to emerging pests. According to surveys, nursery growers typically discover pests while performing other tasks and then spray. With a text alert on their phone that warns then of upcoming key pests, growers can catch early pest populations before they have had a chance to do significant damage. The e-book IPM for Select Deciduous Trees is an innovative interactive book in multimedia format that has increased savings or earnings for growers by an average of $3,313 per book due to reduced pesticide use and more effective pesticide applications.