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The UGA Extension Plant Pathology Update for May

It contains:
  • April 2013 Plant Disease Clinic Report
  • A look ahead for what you might expect to see based upon samples we diagnosed a year ago in May 2012
And, updates on:
  • Pseudomonas syringae┬áleaf spot on watermelons
  • Fusarium wilt of watermelon
  • What’s the orange goo growing on tree stumps?
  • Rose Rosette Virus
  • Impatiens downy mildew
  • Wet, cool weather has importance for early-season disease management (row crops)
  • Wheat Diseases: Loose Smut, Sooty Mold, and Head Scab
  • Turfgrass Diseases: Large Patch, Dollar Spot, and Spring Dead Spot