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Sustainable Nursery Irrigation Management Series: Part 2- Strategies to Increase Crop Irrigation Efficiency

Nursery irrigation management is a major concern for many nursery producers, especially container producers. Extension publication, “W 278: Part I. Water Use in  Nursery Production,” discussed competition for water and gave a general overview of water use in nurseries. Part II discusses strategies to increase irrigation efficiency. Because irrigation is so critical to container production and most of the water associated with nursery production is applied to container plants, strategies are discussed  largely in the context of container production.
Growers must make many irrigation management decisions on a daily basis, including when to irrigate, how much water to apply, which plants to irrigate and how to  maximize efficiency. They also must plan for and manage water supplies in order to meet local and state water regulations (Figure 1). Increasingly, competition for water  resources is affecting how these decisions are made.