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Pyracantha pests

This week we noticed some major pest infestations on pyracantha bushes around campus.  The most noticeable is woolly apple aphid infestations.  These produce cottony fluff along the branches. When you brush away the fluff (really it is wax the aphids produce) you will see hundreds of pink or grey aphids…
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Managing Roots in the Nursery for Optimal Production and Landscape Performance

In 2011 a new nursery production conference was held on the campus of Kansas State University. NurseryWorks is now an award-winning educational meeting and presentations from the inaugural event are archived and available for  free at Feel free to peruse the site while we periodically post the archived presentations…
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ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Building Local Alliances: Growers & Retail Garden Centers

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION led by Dr. Ted Bilderback Building Local Alliances: Growers & Retail Garden Centers It can be challenging to connect local growers with local garden centers. Dr. Bilderback shared how one association (Johnston County Nursery Marketing Association, North Carolina) has approached this issue and then lead a roundtable discussion…
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Ocellate galls on maple

If you receive the NCSU Pest News you already learned about ocellate gall midge.  However, I found a new infestation this week that showed different developmental Developing gall before red center and ring appear. Photo: S.D. Frank stages so I though I would share the pictures.  You can see light green circles…
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Turbocharged Diesel Engines and Trees?

Check out these videos from Dr. Ed Gillman (University of Florida) testing the effect of pruning on trees subjected to hurricane force winds. Cool research! Effect of Hurricane-Force Winds on Landscape Trees–Crown Thinning Effect of Hurricane-Force Winds on Landscape Trees–Crown Reduction Pruning Effect of Hurricane-Force Winds on Landscape Trees–No Pruning…
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Sustainable Nursery Irrigation Management Series: Part 3- Strategies to Manage Nursery Runoff

Extension publication, “W 278: Part I. Water Use in Nursery Production,” discussed the importance of and competition for water use in nursery production. “W 279: Part II. Strategies to Increase Efficiency” covered techniques that growers can use to refine scheduling (volume and timing) and delivery of irrigation water.  This final…
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