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Plant Disease Clinic Report for February 2013

By Ansuya Jogi and Jean Williams‐Woodward

The tables in the link below consist of the commercial and homeowner samples submitted to the plant disease clinics in Athens and Tifton for February 2013 (Table 1) and one year ago in March 2012 (Table 2). Sample numbers were still low in February, but this will soon change! Much of the symptoms we saw on samples were due to environmental stress/injury. However, root and crown diseases caused by Phytophthora, Thielaviopsis basicola, and Rhizoctonia continue to be identified. Also, with the cooler, humid, wet weather, the fungus, Botrytis, will continue to cause problems in the field and in greenhouses, particularly on freeze damaged tissues. Looking ahead through March, based upon samples diagnosed a year ago, we will likely see an increase in turf samples and problems, as well as rust and Sclerotinia diseases starting to show up. I would suspect too that downy mildew diseases will also become prevalent on some crops, particularly on ornamentals in nurseries.