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Estimating the Wholesale Cost of Nursery Production

Estimating the Wholesale Cost of Nursery Production
Tom Fernandez, Associate Professor, Michigan State University, East Lansing

Understanding nursery costs helps growers improve cost management and production efficiency. Accurate cost estimation helps growers set prices that enable them to recover costs and maintain profitability. Dr. Fernandez shares a new spreadsheet tool from MSU Extension that will help field or container nursery producers use their records to estimate their production costs and explore opportunities for savings.


Dr. Fernandez, Michigan State University, has a 3-way appointment with 50% Extension, 25% Teaching and 25% Research. His extension programs focus on water management and quality for wholesale production nurseries, substrates and nutrition for container production, water use legislation as it affects nurseries, and estimating cost of production. Research areas include improving the sustainability of wholesale production nurseries. Specific projects have focused on water management and quality, biodegradable films, phytoremediation of runoff water.