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Best Management Practices for Your Weed Control Program

Best Management Practices for Your Weed Control Program Charles Gillam, Professor of Horticulture, Auburn University, Auburn, AL Dr. Charles Gilliam is one of the leading weed scientists in the United States. He evaluates new chemicals for use in both container-grown and field-grown crops for many pesticide companies. Gilliam has worked…
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Weeds of Container Nurseries in the United States – Online ID Key

Weed control can be one of the most costly risks in the production of container-grown nursery crops. Any control program begins with the correct identification of the weeds present, along with an understanding of their life cycles and modes of reproduction and spread. Treated here are the most common weeds…
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Spraying Insecticide? There’s an App for That

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists have released two mobile phone applications, or “apps,” to make things easier for anyone who needs to adjust insecticide spray equipment. The apps were developed by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists Bradley Fritzand Wesley “Clint” Hoffmann at the agency’s Areawide Pest Management Research Unit in College Station, Texas. The apps are designed…
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