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Japanese Maple Scale Crawlers

In Raleigh, NC we have reached 900 degree days. This is around the time when Japanese maple scale drawer abundance will be peaking.  At least for the first generation. Unfortunately the crawlers have been emerging for a couple weeks and will continue for a couple more.  Thus, trying to target…
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IPM Webinar Archives Online

The National IPM Webinar series is coordinated by Kelly Ivors and Steve Frank in the departments of Plant Pathology and Entomology at North Carolina State University. The webinar series is designed to provide timely information to the green industry through monthly seminars on the production and maintenance of ornamental plants.  We recently put together a…
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Restrictions on importation of Phytophthora ramorum (P. ramorum) host plants for planting into the United States

TO: STATE AND TERRITORY AGRICULTURAL REGULATORY OFFICIALS APHIS is issuing a Federal Order to restrict importation of plants for planting known to be hosts of P. ramorum. Since 2003, APHIS has been working toward limiting the spread of P. ramorum within the United States. APHIS has also been requiring that…
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