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IPM Pro App. Developed for Green Industry Professionals

A tour de force of nursery and landscape pest management, IPMPro mobile device app. will streamline your pest management decision-making, employee training, and make complying with state pesticide recordkeeping regulations easy!
Imagine having a leading expert send you a text to alert you about pests as they emerge and time-sensitive cultural tasks! Built by leading horticulture and pest management experts, IPMPro is like having an expert with you on the job every day!


IPM Pro can provide you with:

  • Major pest and cultural practices reference at your employees’ finger tips!
  • Automatic text-like alerts for time-sensitive pest issues and cultural practices -alert date adjusted specifically for your location!
  • Viewable as a calendar or chronological list of action items for easy reference!
  • Contains images, pest lifecycle, and management options for major pests of woody plants!
  • Provides pesticide recommendations for major diseases and insects!
  • Built-in pesticide recordkeeping to make outdoor, and on-the-go recordkeeping easy!
  • BONUS Weed content!

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