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Scouting and Monitoring Pests of Deciduous Trees – A new Univ. of Tennessee Publication

By: Amy Fulcher, University of Tennessee Dept. of Plant Sciences Integrated Pest Management (IPM) can be defined as a sustainable approach to managing pests that combines biological, cultural and chemical tools in a way that minimizes economic, health and environmental risks (Adkins and Sidebottom 2000). The goal of IPM in…
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Kudzu Bug Update: March 2012

From: Dan Suiter and the UGA CAES Megacopta Working Group Re: Kudzu Bug Update   Many of you are likely inundated with calls about the invasive kudzu bug.  They have now been reported in 126 Georgia counties.  Only the coastal, extreme southern, southeastern and northwestern counties in the state are…
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UGA Center for Urban Agriculture – 2012 Free Webinar Series!!!

Todd Hurt, UGA Center for Urban Agriculture Training Coordinator Bodie Pennisi, UGA Extension Horticulture/Landscape Specialist To watch archived presentations – click on the title for the month. To view speaker details – click on the speaker’s name. Visit for more details. TUESDAYS @ 11 AM 2012 TOPICS Jan. 10th Rejuvination…
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