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2011 Archived Webinar Series – UGA Center for Urban Agriculture

Todd Hurt, UGA Center for Urban Agriculture Training Coordinator

Bodie Pennisi, UGA Extension Horticulture/Landscape Specialist

To watch archived presentations – click on the title for the month.

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March 15th Pruning Tips for Professionals
Rick Smith, The Pruning Guru, LLC
April 5th Do’s and Don’ts of Color Beds
Bodie Pennisi, PhD., UGA Horticulture
May 10th “Building a Business Page in Facebook”
Geri Laufer, Horticulturist & Social Media Consultant
June 7th Turf Apps to make your phone “Smart”
Patrick McCullough, PhD., UGA Crops and Soils
July 12th Damage to Detection, Ornamental Insect Identification
Kris Braman, PhD. UGA Entomology
August 2nd Top 25 Weeds in the Landscape & How to Control Them
Mark Czarnota, PhD., UGA Horticulture
September 6th Getting Ready for Winter Color
Jenny Hardgrave, Simply Flowers, Inc.
October 4th Ask Extension
Agents and Specialists Answer Your Commercial Landscape Questions
November 1st Spanish Language & Culture for Landscape Managers
Rolando Orellana, UGA Center for Urban Agriculture
December 6th Understanding Pansy Fertilization
Paul Thomas, PhD., UGA Horticulture