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Crop Profile Container and Field-Produced Nursery Crops in GA, KY, NC, SC, and TN

Crop Profile Authors:
Craig Adkins, Greg Armel, Matthew Chappell, J.C. Chong, Steven Frank, Amy Fulcher, Frank Hale, William Klingeman III, Kelly Ivors, Anthony LeBude, Joe Neal, Andrew Senesac, Sarah White, Alan Windham, Jean Williams-Woodward
Oh what a document – a one stop shop for basic crop production info and disease, insect and weed control options (including chemical controls)!!!!

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Nursery Crop Production

Introduction to Nursery Crop Production

Table 1. Number of producers, total acreage and value of nursery crops for five southern states

Field Production

Land/Soil Preparation




Container Production



Irrigation: Frequency and uniformity

Irrigation: Water quality retention basins and recycling


Calendar of Worker Activities in Field Nursery

Nursery Crop Production Literature Cited

Key Pest Profiles and Critical Issues: Insect Pests

Key Pest Profiles and Critical Issues: Diseases

General Disease Control Practices for Nursery Ornamentals

Cultural Control Practices

Table 2. Products or treatments used for sanitizing tools, equipment, pots, flats, and surfaces

Disease Resistance

Chemical Control

Plant Profiles for Select Diseases for Container and Field Nurseries

Table 3. Chemicals recommended for Phytophthora and Pythium root rot control

Emerging Diseases

Key Pest Profiles and Critical Issues: Weedy Plants, Liverworts and Algae

Weed Overview

Plant Profiles for Select Weeds1 for Container and Field Nurseries

Select Broadleaf Weedspage2image13560

Select Broadleaf Weed Profiles

Select Grasses and Sedges

Select Weedy Grasses and Sedges

Emerging Weed Species of Concern

Select Emerging Weedy Liverworts and Algae

Chemical Control of Weeds in Container and Field Production

Table 4. Common broadleaf and grass herbicides used in nursery production in the southeastern United States

Listing of Preemergence and Postemergence Chemicals

Table 5. Preemergence Herbicides Labeled for Container Nursery Stock

Table 6. Postemergence Herbicides Labeled for Container Nursery Stock

Weedy Plant Literature Cited and General References