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Preemergence herbicide application – NOW!

Don’t let this spring-like weather fool you — winter is
coming.  Most container nurseries are well into winter preparations,
including getting ready to cover over-wintering structures.  It is
important to apply a preemergence herbicide before covering (else you
will grow a mighty fine crop of bittercress over the winter).  BUT —
it is very important to allow adequate time between  the herbicide
application and covering the houses.   Two to three weeks is
generally required.  If covered too soon, the herbicides may
volatilize inside the structure resulting in crop injury and worker exposure.

If you forget to use a preemergence herbicide this winter — please
send me a photo in the spring.  I’m always looking for a great shot
for my “I told ya so” file. 🙂

Joe Neal

Joseph C. Neal
Professor and Extension Specialist — Weed Science
Department of Horticultural Science
262 Kilgore Hall
Box 7609, NCSU
Raleigh, NC 27695-7609
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