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Nine Plant Pathology Graduate Students Receiving Travel Awards for Summer 2017

PhD Student Donald Gillis

PhD Student Amelia Lovelace


Five of our students received travel awards from the American Phytopathological Society (APS) to attend the 2017 APS Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX.  These awards are named for scientists who have made significant contributions to the field of Plant Pathology.  Donald Gillis, a PhD Student working with Brian Kvitko, was awarded the Tsune Kosuge Student Travel AwardAmelia Lovelace, also a PhD student studying with Dr. Kvitko, received the Arthur Kelman Student Travel Award.  The Joseph M. Ogawa and George Herman Starr Joint Student Travel Award was awarded to Shaun Stice, another PhD student under the direction of Dr. Kvitko.  Spencer Stumpf, MS student working with Bhabesh Dutta, was awarded the Raymond G. Grogan Student Travel Award.  The Raymond D. Martyn Student Travel Award was awarded to Mei Zhao, PhD student under the direction of Ron Walcott.

PhD Student Shaun Stice

MS Student Spencer Stumpf

PhD Student Mei Zhao









Four graduate students have been awarded a Summer Research Travel Grant for Doctoral Students from the UGA Graduate School.  These grants are to assist doctoral students with their research activities and progress toward completion of their dissertation.  The winners include:

Russell Ingram, PhD candidate working with Harald Scherm; Cheng-Fang Hong, a PhD candidate studying with Harald Scherm and Phil Brannen; and Safira Sutton and Mei Zhao (pictured above), both PhD students under the direction of Ron Walcott.

PhD Candidate Russell Ingram

PhD Candidate Cheng-Fang Hong

PhD Student Safira Sutton