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Plant Pathology Spring Semester 2017 Graduates

Nine Plant Pathology graduate students (3 PhD, 3 MS, and 3 MPPPM) successfully completed the requirements for their respective graduate degrees in Spring Semester 2017.

Shan Gao, Phd

Shan Gao graduated with a PhD degree under the direction of Tony Glenn and Scott Gold with a dissertation entitled “Exploring the occurrence of horizontal gene transfer and its role in the evolution and adaptation of Fusarium verticillioides”.  Shan will be returning to China to work for a small private company.

Manisha Rath defended her PhD dissertation entitled “Genetic and functional investigation of Bacillus mojavensis and the STUA transcription factor of Fusarium verticillioides” under the direction of Scott Gold.

Alex Blacutt also completed his PhD degree under the guidance of Scott Gold.  His dissertation was titled “Bacillus mojavensis RRC101 lipopeptide antagonism induces morphologic and metabolic changes echoed by transcriptomic response in Fusarium verticiollioides”.

Tony Glenn, Shan Gao, Manisha Rath, Scott Gold, and Alex Blacutt at Spring 2017 Graduation

Frances Browne completed her MS thesis under the direction of Phil Brannen and Harald Scherm.  Her thesis was titled “Orange cane blotch of blackberry caused by Cephalerous virescens:  chemical control and yield losses associated with disease.  Frances is currently working on a PhD degree at Auburn University.

Brian Jordan conducted MS research under the guidance of Albert Culbreath.  His thesis was entitled “Integrated disease management in peanut with emphasis on organic production”.  Brian will work in a PhD program with Dr. Culbreath starting Fall of 2018.

Albert Culbreath and Sara Beth Pelham after Spring 2017 Graduation.

Sara Pelham defended her MS thesis titled “Use of unmanned aerial systems for assessing Tomato spotted wilt and leaf spot disease in peanut mapping populations” under the guidance of Albert Culbreath.  She will continue to explore the use of unmanned aerial systems in her PhD program in the Crop and Soil Sciences department at UGA.

The Masters of Plant Protection and Pest Management (MPPPM) is a comprehensive interdisciplinary non-thesis degree program in plant protection. Three students completed the requirements for the MPPPM degree in Spring 2017.  Tony Barnes, Justin Shealey, and Kenneth Smith all conducted their MPPPM internships with research and extension faculty at the UGA Tifton campus.