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Annual Meeting of the Georgia Association of Plant Pathologists

The 67th annual meeting of the Georgia Association of Plant Pathologists (GAPP) was held March 6-8, 2017 on Jekyll Island, Georgia. There were over 70 participants, including faculty, students, staff, extension agents, industry representatives, and other plant pathology researchers from across the Southeast.  Prior to the start of the meeting, students toured the University of Georgia’s Marine Institute on nearby Sapelo Island.  Following welcoming remarks at the start of the GAPP meeting by President Marin Brewer (University of Georgia), the meeting program commenced with a symposium focused on emerging diseases in the southeastern US, organized by GAPP Vice-President Jean Williams Woodward (University of Georgia). The symposium included an update on citrus black spot in Florida by Megan Dewdney (University of Florida), followed by a presentation by Mark Windham (University of Tennessee) on rose rosette disease. Next, Jason Smith (University of Florida) presented on recent updates on host resistance and laurel wilt disease. The symposium continued the next day with Evan Johnson (University of Florida) speaking on citrus Huanglongbing, Robert Nichols (Cotton Inc.) reporting on emerging diseases of cotton, and Austin Hagan and Jeffrey Coleman (Auburn University) providing updates on target spot and Fusarium wilt, respectively, of cotton.

Graduate students from the University of Georgia Department of Plant Pathology visiting the University of Georgia Marine Institute on Sapelo Island during the 2017 GAPP meeting.


GAPP 2017 award-winning students Katrina Laurel, Jeff Standish, Safira Sutton and Leilani Sumabat

Thirteen graduate students from the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Georgia participated in a student paper competition. First, second, and third place winners were, respectively, Leilani Sumabat (advisors Marin Brewer and Bob Kemerait), Katrina Laurel (advisor Bob Kemerait), and Safira Sutton (advisor Ron Walcott).

As the meeting came to a close, two graduate students were recognized for excellence in graduate studies by awards established in honor of two distinguished professors from the University of Georgia. The 2017 Kenneth E. Papa Outstanding Graduate Student Award (Ph.D.) was presented to Jeff Standish (advisors Tim Brenneman and Katherine Stevenson) and the 2017 Cedric Kuhn Outstanding Graduate Student Award (M.S.) was presented to Frances Browne (advisors Phil Brannen and Harald Scherm).

The 2017 GAPP meeting concluded with incoming GAPP President Jean Williams Woodward presenting Marin Brewer with a plaque recognizing her excellent service as GAPP President during the previous year