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China-IAFFPT Select Peanut Publications

Effects of High Pressure on the Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Peanut Protein Isolates.
Xuan-Hui He, Hong-Zhi Liu, Li Liu, Guan-Li Zhao, Qiang Wang, Qiong-Ling Chen. Food Hydrocolloids, 2014, 36:123-129
Protein contents in different peanut varieties and their relationship to gel properties.
Li Wang, Qiang Wang. International journal of food properties, 2014, 17:1560–1576.
Effects of transglutaminase crosslinking on physicochemical properties of arachin-rich and conarachin–rich peanut protein fractions.

Feng X. L., Liu H. Z., Liu L., Shi A. M., Wang Q, BenuAdhikari. Food Research International, 2014, 62, 84-90.
Determinating the content of Amino Acid in peanuts Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS).
Li Wang, Qiang Wang, Hongzhi Liu, Li Liu, et al. Journal of the science of food and agriculture.2013,93:118-124.

The effectiveness of ISSR profiling for studying genetic diversity ofAspergillus flavus from peanut-cropped soils in China.

Chu-Shu Zhang, Fu-Guo Xing, Jonathan Nimal Selvaraj,Qing-Li Yang, Lu Zhou, Yue-Ju Zhao, Yang Liu. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology. 2013, 50:147-153.

Protein Contents in Different Peanut Varieties and Their Relationship to Gel Property.

Li Wang, Hongzhi Liu, Li Liu, Qiang Wang, Qizhai Li, Yin Du & Jianshu Zhang. International Journal of Food Properties. 2012, 17:1560-1576

Improvement of functional properties of peanut protein isolate by conjugation with dextran through Maillard reaction

Yan Liu, Guanli Zhao, Mouming Zhao, Jiaoyan Ren, Bao Yang. Food Chemistry. 2012, 131: 901-906.

Enzymatic hydrolysis and their effects on conformational and functional properties of peanut protein isolate

Guanli Zhao, Yan Liu, Mouming Zhao, Jiaoyan Ren, Bao Yang. Food Chemistry. 2011, 127: 1438-1443.

Optimization of extraction conditions for improving solubility of peanut protein concentrates by response surface methodology

Tiezheng Ma, Qiang Wang, Haiwen Wu. 2010, 43: 1450-1456.

Comparative studies on the functional properties of various protein concentrate preparations of peanut protein

Haiwen Wu, Qiang Wang, Tiezheng Ma, Jiajia Ren. 2009, 42:343-348.