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Weed Management

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Weed Photos This site allows the visitor to view pictures of common weeds. The weed pictures can be selected by common or scientific name. weed, pictures
Weed response to herbicides in peanut Clemson This article has information on the effectiveness of several herbicides on chosen species of weed plants. weed, herbicide, South Carolina
Weed management in peanut 2008 University of Florida This article contains information about several herbicides and their effectiveness on several weed species. weed, herbicide, Florida
Managing Herbicide-Resistant Weeds in Peanuts in the United States North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension Service This article provides a summary of how herbicide resistance develops in weeds and what treatments are effective against herbicide-resistant weeds. weed, herbicide, North Carolina
Tank Mixing Chemicals Applied
to Peanut Crops: Are the Chemicals
North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension Service This article gives cost and safety advice about mixing agrichemicals. weed, herbicide, mixing, North Carolina
WebHADSS North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension Service HADSS, the Herbicide Application Decision Support System for field crops, is designed to help you evaluate alternative weed management strategies. It is valid only for the 2007 crop year. HADSS, weed, North Carolina, software
WeedSite Water Management Research (Fort Collins, CO) Software for learning about the benefits of site-specific weed management compared to a uniform herbicide application. No GIS software is needed. The benefits are predicted from weed maps drawn by the user. weed, software, weedsite
WISDEM Water Management Research (Fort Collins, CO) WISDEM simulates the variation in multi-species weed populations over time in response to crop rotation, tillage system, and specific weed management tactics and the consequent crop yield loss due to weed competition. Population dynamics of individual weed species are predicted from a limited number of parameters that can be derived from literature sources and expert opinion. WISDEM, software, weed
Weed Management in Peanuts-2009 University of Florida IFAS Extension Successful weed control in peanuts involves using good management practices in all phases of peanut production. Weeds compete with peanuts for moisture, nutrients, and light, with the greatest competition usually occurring during the first six weeks after planting. Although late-season weeds may not be as competitive as early-season weeds, they may interfere with harvesting and also with fungicide and insecticide applications. weed, herbicide, crop rotation
Optimizing Palmer
Amaranth Control with Postemergence Herbicides
North Carolina State University This guide for growers provides information on ways to optimize control of Palmer amaranth and other weeds with postemergence herbicides. weed, Palmer Amaranth, herbicide