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General irrigation information National Peanut Research Lab (NPRL) This is a part of the “Peanuts 101” section of the NPRL’s website. This article offers basic information on irrigation methods. irrigation
Irrigation vs. Dryland Cropping Peanut Company of Australia (PCA) This article outlines times when water stress can and cannot be tolerated by peanut. The article also gives information about and general costs of two different irrigation methods. irrigation, Australia

NWISRL, Kimberly, Idaho

This software aids in the design and analysis of center pivot and traveling lateral sprinkler irrigation systems. The programs can be used individually or in conjunction with each other. PVNOZ, PIPELOSS, irrigation,
WinSRFR 2.1

Water Management and Conservation Research

(Maricopa, AZ)

WinSRFR 2.1 is the second major release of WinSRFR. New features include: surface irrigation design & operations for furrow based fields, additional Merriam-Keller based irrigation event analysis functions and an updated SRFR simulation engine. WinSRFR, irrigation, software
A visit to the Powell family farm: interview Georgia Peanut Commission The Georgia Peanut Tour visited the farm of Todd Powell in Marion County, Ga. In 2010, Powell planted 115 acres of the GA-O6G peanut cultivar. All of the peanuts are under irrigation. He also grows cotton and corn. Powell says the drought has hit him hard this year. Georgia, irrigation, GA-06G
Global RainSIM – Version 1.0 Morris, Minnesota The purpose of this tool is to estimate daily precipitation patterns for a yearly cycle at any location on the globe.  The user input is simply the latitude and longitude of the selected location.  There is an embedded Zip Global RainSIM, rainfall, irrigation, software