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Grading and Testing

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General grading and testing information National Peanut Research Lab (NPRL) This is a part of the “Peanuts 101” section of the NPRL’s website. This article offers basic information on how peanuts are sampled and graded. grading
Product Specifications American Peanut Growers Group, LLC. This article is part of a company Web site that explains the grades of peanuts sold. The article includes pictures illustrating the peanut grades. grading, runner, tote bag
Shelling and Grading American Peanut Council (APC) This article outlines peanut processing from curing to sorting and grading. curing, sorting, grading
Uniform Peanut Performance Tests








National Peanut Research Lab (NPRL) The Uniform Peanut Performance Tests (UPPT) was established in 1973
through an informal arrangement among cooperating scientists involving
seven major peanut-producing states. In 1995, plant material transfer
agreements were also accepted among all cooperators in the UPPT.
The purpose of these tests is to evaluate the commercial potential of
advanced peanut breeding lines not formally released. The UPPT
continues to serve as a valuable testing arrangement for U.S. peanut
breeding programs to measure the adaptability of potential new cultivars
over a wide range of diverse environments.
grading, shelling, performance
Cultivating Efficiency: CALS Extension and research faculty members help Ghana peanut growers with new shelling technology North Carolina State University Peanut growers in Ghana who have been part of an educational initiative headed by collaborators in N.C. State’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have a seen their yields double and triple since the program began 13 years ago. But with the increased yields came another problem: The growers couldn’t keep up with higher yield by hand-shelling the peanuts, called “groundnuts” in Africa. shelling, grading, Ghana