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A moldboard (aka. turning plow) is a type of plow that cuts vertically and horizontally into soil. The broken soil is then lifeted up and over (i.e. turned) John Deere


Northern Tool and Equipment

Dick Hansen Sales Inc.


disc harrow
A disc harrow is a type of implement used to chop up weeds and crop remainders where crops are to be planted. Northern Tool and Equipment


Field King

field cultivator
A field cultivator (sometimes called a “do all”) is an implement used to provide a proper seedbed for planting, bury crop residue before planting, control weeds and to mix the soil. John Deere

Unverferth Manufacturing Co. Inc.


Kelley Mfg. Co.

strip till rig
A strip till rig is used in situations where a farmer wants to prepare an adequate seedbed without extensive cultivation (as in more conventional tilling). Strip tilling is seen as a median between conventional tilling and no tilling. There are several variations of strip till rigs available. Lasseter Equipment Grp.


Chiselvators have notched coulters used to cut through residue. A chiselvator is used to prepare land prior to cultivation. Landoll Corp.


A tillivator (trademarked by the Ariens Corp.) is a tracter-towed implement used to cultivate between multiple rows of growing crops.
A subsoiler (aka. “mole plow”)is used to break up soil at depths greater than that of a disc harrow or moldboard. Everything

King Kutter Inc.

Unverferth Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Hawkins Mfg. Grp.

Planters (available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 row varieties) are used to distribute seed into prepared seed beds. Sweet Farm Equipment Co.

John Deere Corp.

boom sprayer
Boom sprayers are used to apply herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Gempler’s

Northern Tool and Equipment


fertilizer spreader
Fertilizer spreaders are often used in peanut farming to distribut gypsum. Adams Fertilizer Equipment


Chandler Equipment Co.

Gandy Products

granular applicator
A granular applicator is used to spread granular insecticides. Sutton Ag Enterprises



A digger-shaker-inverter (sometimes referred to as a “digger, “digger-shaker” or “inverter”) is a specialized implement used to dig underneath peanut vines, cut underneath pods, shake soil from peanut vines and invert the vines so that the pods can dry in windrows. Kelley Mfg. Co.

Pearman Corp.

Ferguson Mfg. Co.

Peanut for Life.Digger

peanut combine
A peanut combine (aka. “peanut picker”) is an implement (also, some peanut pickers are self-propeled) that harvests peanuts, knocks loose soil off the peanuts using threshing cylinders and stores the peanuts until they are taken to another storage area. Kelley Mfg. Co.

Colombo North America


weed wiper WEED wiping is a relatively new concept of non-selective weed control for use late in
the growing season. It is based on the principle of wiping (or brushing) a nonselective
herbicide directly onto unwanted tall weed plants that stand above crops
and pastures.
Wick wipers, as they were then called, first became available in the 1980s, but never
sold in marketable quantities.

Smucker Manufacturing

The purpose of the thrasher is to remove the peanut pods from the plant. The peanut plants are first dug with the peanut digger and allowed to air dry for two-three days. Plants are then fed into the thrasher which has a rotary drum that essentially beats the pods off the peanut plant . Peanut for Life.Thrasher


Peanut pods (nuts) come in different sizes. Sizing of these pods is needed to reduce damaged kernels (seed) during the shelling operation. Screens for the in-shell sorter are interchangeable according to the general size of the peanuts being sorted. During a single operation, the sorter removes thrash and separates the pods into two grade sizes. Further pod grade size separations are possible using other screen sizes. Peanut for Life.Sorter


The peanut sheller is a great labor saving device and is useful for shelling edible nuts and seed for planting. Peanut for Life.Sheller


The kernel sizer can help ensure seed size uniformity for planting, and as well, uniformity in product appearance for marketing and uniformity of roast. Peanut for Life.Sizer

Processing Equipment by Product

peanut butter
American Peanut Council