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Drying and Harvesting (Curing)

Key Words
General harvesting and drying information National Peanut Research Lab (NPRL) This is a part of the “Peanuts 101” section of the NPRL’s website. This article offers basic information on harvesting and drying. harvesting, drying
Determining peanut pod maturity and estimating optimal digging date North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension Service This is a guide used to determine peanut maturity. It is a helpful tool to determine when to harvest. harvest, maturity, digging
PECMAN software National Peanut Research Lab (NPRL) Peanut Curing Manager (PECMAN) is a decision support system that assists drying facility managers with inventory control.  It schedules sampling and removal times, estimates time remaining on dryer and current moisture content. PECMAN, drying, software