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Fungi (molds) National Peanut Research Lab (NPRL) This is a part of the “Peanuts 101” section of the NPRL’s website. This article offers basic information on white mold and Aspergillus. disease, white mold, Aspergillus
Tomato spotted wilt virus University of Georgia This brief article provides basic information about TSWV. disease, TSWV
TSWV risk index University of Georgia This resource provides factors that influence the severity of TSWV. A simple tool is provided that will calculate the TSWV risk for a specific field. disease, TSWV, Georgia
List of Peanut Diseases Wikipedia This is a list of peanut diseases and their causative agents. Information about the disease and the agent itself is available via links in many cases. disease, fungus, virus
Peanut Disease Photographic Atlas Texas A&M This resource provides descriptions and photographs for many peanut diseases that are known to occur in Texas. disease, fungus, virus, Texas
2007 Peanut Disease and Insect Guide Southeastern Peanut Farmer This is a guidebook featured in the April 2007 edition of Southeastern Peanut Farmer. It has descriptions of peanut diseases and pests along with pictures and a self quiz. disease, insect, 2007, southeast
Managing tomato spotted wilt virus in peanuts in North Carolina and Virginia North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension Service This article gives specific information about controlling tomato spotted wilt in North Carolina and Virginia. tomato spotted wilt, North Carolina, Virginia
2010 Peanut Rx University of Georgia This is an online tool used to provide peanut growers with a relative risk assessment for peanut disease based off several factors. disease, calculator