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Robin Y.-Y. Chiou

Prof. Robin Y.-Y. Chiou, Ph. D.
Peanut Research and Products Development Lab
Department of Food Science
National Chiayi University (NCYU)
Chiayi 60051, Taiwan, ROC.


Research Interest:
This is one of the renowned peanut-specified laboratories in the world which is led by Professor Robin Chiou. Prof. Chiou has been working with peanuts for more than 30 years. He finished his Ph. D. with peanut aflatoxin and protein utilization for his dissertation with Department of Food Science, University of Georgia in 1985. In this laboratory, a very wide spectrum of peanut-related research and products development has been conducted. The spectrum covers elimination of aflatoxin contamination, flavor enhancement during roasting, physicochemical changes of peanut proteins, oxidative rancidity with peanut commodities, and biosynthesis enhancement of stilbenoids as secondary metabolites induced by germination. R&D of functional foods covering dietary supplements and nutraceuticals for chronic diseases prevention with peanuts are the approaching goal currently pursued in this lab. The published abstracts of the referred papers with peanuts are summarized as follows.

Peanut Related Publications: 
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