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Alabama Peanut Producers AssociationAlabama/USAThe Alabama Peanut Producers Association (APPA) has been turning resources into results since 1958. The association is committed to representing the interests of growers through promotion, research and education.
American Peanut Shellers AssociationUSAThe American Peanut Shellers Association is a non-profit trade association, composed of commercial peanut shellers and crushers located in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.
APC (American Peanut Council)USAThe Peanut Foundation (part of the APC) is an organization that directs and supports peanut research, on behalf of all segments of the peanut industry, to reduce cost of production, create a safer product, improve quality and improve health benefits.
APRES (American Peanut Research and Education Society)USA

The American Peanut Research and Education Society (APRES) is an organization designed for the exchange of research related to peanuts. The composition is worldwide and the proceedings of its annual meeting cover all aspects of peanut research.
Brabant Research Inc.Brabant Research has been in existence since 1987. They were primarily a research organization investigating biological and botanical phenomena.
CGIAR (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research)IndiaThe mission of CGIAR is to achieve sustainable food security and reduce poverty in developing countries through scientific research and research-related activities in the fields of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, policy, and the environment.
Florida Peanut Producers AssociationFlorida/USAThe Peanut Marketing Order for the Florida Peanut Producers Association was established in 1975 for the purpose of promotion, education and research in order to enhance the peanut farmers in Florida in their endeavors to make a profit in peanut farming.
Georgia Peanut CommissionGeorgia/USAThe Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Peanuts was established in 1961 under the Commodities Promotion Act. The Commission conducts programs in the areas of promotion, research and education.
IQSTAP (Institute of Quality Standards and Testing Technology for Agro-Products )ChinaAs the only national public welfare research institute on agro-products processing, the Institute carries on the responsibility of basic and application fundamental research, high-tech development, key technology study and products development; solving the fundamental, directional, national and strategic scientific issues in China’s agro-products processing.
ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research)IndiaICAR acts as a repository of information and provides consultancy on agriculture, horticulture, resource management, animal sciences, agricultural engineering, fisheries, agricultural extension, agricultural education, home science and agricultural communication. It has the mandates to coordinate agricultural research and development programs and develop linkages at the national and international level with related organizations to enhance the quality of life of the farming community.
ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics)IndiaICRISAT is a non-profit and non-political research organization that serves the poorest of the poor in the semi-arid areas of the developing world.
Market Quality and Handling Research UnitGeorgia/USA The multi-task mission of this Unit includes enhancement of flavor and shelf-life of domestic and export peanuts and peanut products by developing improved methods in production, handling, and roast processing; qualitative and quantitative determination of peanut components which contribute to nutrition and health of consumers; evaluation and use of genetic resources to improve market quality factors; and provide a safer food supply to consumers by developing accurate methods to detect and remove mycotoxin contaminated commodities from the food and feed systems and reduce the economic risk to farmers, handlers, and manufacturers. The Unit conducts research on high priority issues to assist the peanut and grain industries in producing the highest quality products possible.
Mississippi Peanut Growers AssociationMississippi/USAThe Mississippi Peanut Growers Association is organized and operated for educational and scientific purposes, to bring together, for cooperation and coordination, all persons, both public and private, interested in enhancing the production, marketing, distribution, and utilization of peanuts.
National Center for Peanut CompetitivenessGeorgia/USA
National Peanut BoardUSAThe National Peanut Board is a research and promotion board that works on behalf of all USA peanut farmers. The Board's goal is to support and expand existing markets, develop new markets, and facilitate the economical production of high-quality, USA peanuts for consumers worldwide.
NESPAL (National Environmentally Sound Production Agriculture Laboratory)USAThe National Environmentally Sound Production Agriculture Laboratory is a unit of the University of Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences located at the Tifton, Georgia campus. NESPAL was formed in 1991 to address the issues of maintaining efficient agricultural production and assuring consumers of a safe and affordable food and fiber supply while protecting our natural resources and the environment.
NRCG (National Research Center for Groundnut)IndiaThe mandate of NCGR is to conduct basic and strategic research to enhance production, productivity and quality of groundnut, act as the national repository of working collection of groundnut germplasm and information on groundnut research, establish relevant institutional linkages, offer consultancy and training and provide logistic support and coordination mechanisms for generation of location-specific technology through the All India Coordinated Research Project on Groundnut.
NCDA&CS (North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences)North Carolina/USANCDA&CS maintains the Peanut Belt Research Station (PBRS), which was founded in 1952.
North Carolina Peanut Growers AssociationNorth Carolina/USAThe North Carolina Peanut Growers Association is an organization of the state's peanut growers. Its purpose is to promote the production, marketing, and consumption of peanuts through research, education, legislation and other means.
NPRL (National Peanut Research Laboratory)Georgia/USAThe National Peanut Research Laboratory (NPRL) was established in 1965 for the purpose of improving farming practices and to study the newly detected mycotoxin, aflatoxin. Since that time, they have studied a variety of factors involved in peanut production.
Oklahoma Peanut CommissionOklahoma/USATo promote, by education and research, the greater use of Oklahoma-grown peanuts.
Peanut CRSP (Peanut Collaborative Research Support Program)USAThe Peanut CRSP, managed by the University of Georgia, seeks to promote economic growth and improve human health and nutrition through peanut research.
Peanut Company of AustraliaAustraliaPCA is involved in all facets of the Australian peanut industry from developing new seed varieties, conducting agricultural research and providing advice to growers to crop drying, shelling, grading, roasting and value-adding and they're Australia's only supplier of Hi Oleic peanuts!
Peanut FoundationUSAThe Peanut Foundation is an organization that directs and supports peanut research on behalf of all segments of the peanut industry to reduce cost of production, create a safer product, improve quality and improve health benefits.
South Carolina Peanut Producers BoardSouth Carolina/USA
SPFF (Southern Peanut Farmers Federation)USAFormed in 1998, SPFF was established to allow Southeastern peanut producers to speak with a unified voice.
SPRI (Shandong Peanut Research Institute)ChinaSPRI's mission mainly involves research on peanut germplasm, biotechnology, genetics and breeding, physiology, high-yield cultivation, unpolluted cultivation, diseases, pests and weed control, food processing and utilization, as well as technical demonstration/extension.
Texas Peanut Producers BoardTexas/USATPPB concentrates its resources around a prioritized and measurable plan for research, promotion and education that is reviewed annually for its effectiveness and revised every 3 to 5 years to stay current.
The Peanut InstituteGeorgia/USAThe Peanut Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding state-of-the-art knowledge regarding peanuts and peanut products. A special emphasis is placed on establishing sound science as the basis for food, nutrition, and health discussions about peanuts.
USAID-Peanut-CRSPGeorgia/USAThe goals of the Peanut Collaborative Research Support Program (CRSP) are to enhance research capability in developing countries and the United States and to focus this capability on the alleviation of major researchable constraints that limit sustainable peanut production and food delivery through an environmentally sound system.
Virginia Carolina PeanutsVirginia/USAVirginia Carolina Peanuts is an organization responsible for promoting peanut growth and sales in the Virginia and Carolinas peanut growing region.
Virginia Peanut Growers Association, Inc.Virginia/USAThe Virginia Peanut Growers Association, Inc. is the peanut growers' organization in Virginia. Its purpose is to conduct promotion, education and research activities for Virginia-type peanuts. It publishes the grower publication, "Virginia-Carolina Peanut News," three times a year jointly with The North Carolina Peanut Growers Association and the South Carolina Peanut Producers Board.
Western Peanut Growers AssociationTexas/USA