What is Document Delivery?

The library borrows books and obtains copies of articles from UGA Libraries in Athens and other libraries across the nation and around the world for faculty.  We also lend materials and send copies of articles to other libraries.

What can be borrowed?

We can attempt to borrow most anything you need. To request an item, contact the Griffin Library:
Email: griflib@uga.edu
Phone: 770-228-7238

If we cannot obtain the material, we will contact you. Remember to check our online catalog, GIL@UGA, to make sure that the UGA Libraries do not own what you need. If an item is listed as “missing” in GIL@UGA we can try to obtain elsewhere.

What cannot be borrowed?

Journals are rarely lent; we obtain copies of articles instead. We do not borrow textbooks for classes or obtain copies of chapters from textbooks. We generally cannot obtain genealogical research material.

Can I obtain UGA materials that are not on the shelf?

If you need something that the UGA Libraries own, but it is not on the shelf:

  • If it is a journal, check Electronic Journals to see if the article you need is available fulltext online.

Average time is 8 days. Copies of articles and materials available in Georgia may arrive faster. If the material is not widely held, it could take longer. If you are working against a deadline please let us know, and we will try to obtain the needed material in time.

Where do I pick up material?

When material arrives you will be notified by email. Second notices are also sent by email. Pick up your items at the Griffin Library.

How long can I keep loans? Renewals?

The lending library determines the loan period, and it may vary anywhere from one to eight weeks. It may be possible to renew loans; renewals should be requested a few days before the due date. Please see the bookband on the material for instructions on how to request a renewal. Second renewals are unusual; however, if the material was borrowed from a library in Georgia, a second renewal may be possible. As always, please contact us for any unusual circumstances.

Where do I return loans?

Materials picked up at the Griffin Library must be returned to the Griffin Library (after hours please use the book return box in the library.

As long as you have no fines or blocks with Circulation, UGA affiliates are also eligible to check out materials while at any University System of Georgia library and also Emory University.

What if I am not a UGA faculty, student or staff, but I want to borrow material at the UGA Libraries?

The Interlibrary Loan Lending Unit supplies books and articles to other libraries. It does not send material directly to individuals. Please contact the library you are affiliated with in order to obtain material belonging to the UGA Libraries.