To renew a book charged to your account, click in the box to the left of its title. When you have clicked boxes for all the books you wish to renew, click on the Renew button at the bottom of the list. When your request has been processed, the system will return to the top of your account information screen. You then can scroll down your list of items to make certain all items have been renewed. You should always perform this check since some items may not be eligible for renewal.

A self-renewal cannot be performed if:

  • The item is being recalled for another researcher
  • Your account is restricted for some reason
  • The item has already been renewed twice from a remote location.

In the last case, simply bring the book to the library and staff will renew the item and reset the cycle so it can be renewed remotely two more times. If you can’t determine why you can’t renew a book, please check with the library.