A group of young adults sits around a lab table filled with art supplies while examining a plant. A woman stands on the right teaching them.
Emily (right) conducts an art and science lesson.

The Lamm Lab is excited to welcome Emily Dustman as the newest doctoral student on our team. Emily is a science communication specialist with experience in educating about science and solving problems while incorporating art. Emily’s career has led her down many roads, including instructing STEM classes and directing communication efforts at universities. Most recently, Emily was the director of science education and communication at the United Soybean Board where she managed scientific content, strategically disseminated evidence-based creative content about soybean-related matters, and communicated complex scientific topics in clear and concise manners to audiences at all levels.

Emily has put her expertise in biology and ecology to work through academic endeavors such as reviewing for journals and through her passion for science illustration. Something unique about Emily is she received a postgraduate certificate in natural science illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2015. She has utilized this skillset to begin an international art and science publication, E-Squared Magazine. The magazine has published six issues, with another coming soon.

Seven women in business casual clothing stand in front of a building and trees.
Emily (center) visited the Lamm Lab last year to bring her botanical and art knowledge to agricultural communication students in a special workshop.

Emily also hosts classes in plant science and botanical illustration at botanical gardens. Emily visited the University of Georgia last fall to teach an illustration workshop on the intersection of art and science associated with climate change and plant adaptation. We are thrilled to welcome Emily back to Athens and have her stay as she completes her doctoral degree in the Lamm Lab, bringing her expertise and experience to our agricultural and environmental science communication research!