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Horticulture Alumna Halley Granitz: Taking On New Challenges!


Horticulture Department Alumna, Ms. Halley Granitz, left our hallowed halls and went on to received her Master’s Degree from North Carolina State University.  She was then hired by BASF in technical services. Recently she was offered a move upwards and Halley is now a sales specialist with BASF Professional and Specialty Solutions. She now lives in Birmingham and works with pest control professionals in the state of Alabama. Her duties include working with pest control companies to find effective, innovative solutions to pest control challenges, giving educational talks and seminars, and providing customer support on BASF’s portfolio of professional pest control products

It’s great to hear from Alumn!  If you would like to share what you are doing, please contact Dr. Paul A. Thomas at:  We’d love to hear from you!

Internships in Horticulture Can Take You to Interesting Places

The Horticulture IMG_9062 (1)Department at UGA has a internship policy that requires students get into the real world and experience some aspect of their major before they graduate.  Students undertaking these internships travel far and wide.  Horticulture Senior Kaylee South worked as an intern this summer in Dr. Michelle Jones’s Lab in the Horticulture and Crop Science department under The OARDC Research Internships Program (ORIP).  Dr. Jones also holds the prestigious Kiplinger Chair in Floriculture at OSU. Kaylee’s project studied the growth promotion effects of beneficial microbes on petunias under low fertility stress. At the end of the summer, she reported my findings in a paper as well as in a presentation. This internship opportunity took place at the OARDC (Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center) campus of Ohio State University in Wooster. Each student is paired with a faculty mentor in their field of interest. Kaylee is hoping to do her Master’s of Science degree upon graduation from UGA.

Two UGA Horticulture Students Receive Scholarships from the American Floral Endowment

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Horticulture majors Maya Baumeister and Mary Lewis recently received scholarships from the American Floral Endowment. This competitive scholarship program selects the best students from the US through a very rigorous process. The AFE manages 20 individual named scholarship programs which the students compete for. Maya received the Armellini Scholarship($2200.00) and Mary received the Ohlman and the Tomasovic Scholarships($1400.00). Of the 20 scholarship recipients awarded, UGA, NC State and Ohio State each had two students receive scholarships. Congratulations to our outstanding students on this recognition. For more information or to apply next year, see:     (note:  The student featured on the AFE page is Melanie Rausch, a UGA graduate!)

David Kopsell Receives ASHS Outstanding Educator Award

Hort DeDSC_3046smpartment Alumni, Dr. David Kopsell, ’99 (In the coat and Tie) Associate Professor at Illinois State University, received the 2015 Outstanding Undergraduate Educator Award from The American Society for Horticultural Science! David received his MS and Ph.D from the Hort Department at UGA. Seen with him here in the image is his brother Dean, whom also graduated with two advanced degrees from UGA. Congratulations Dr. Kopsell !