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Hort Farm Open House – Free Online Registration – October 4, 2019

UGA Horticulture Farm Open House

October 4, 2019 – 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM
UGA Durham Horticulture Farm
1221 Hog Mountain Rd, Watkinsville, GA

Cost: Before October 1 at 5PM EST – FREE

Online Registration
After October 1 – On-site registration only – $15 (check or cash only)

* Donations will be accepted to benefit the UGA Horticulture Club


Topics and Speakers:

Breeding Pavonia for Southern Landscapes
Yongjun Yue and Dr. John Ruter
The genus Pavonia has potential to be used as ornamental plants because they are drought tolerant and flower consistently during the summer months in the southeastern United States. Pavoniaspecies we are working with are: P. hastata, P. lasiopetala, and P. missionum. Traditional and mutation breeding, as well as chromosome doubling are being utilized to develop novel growth forms, flower colors, and sterility so plants don’t reseed in the garden.

New Woody Plants from UGA
Dr. Donglin Zhang, Jordan Baylor
After returning to his beloved UGA seven years ago, Dr. Zhang and his students have worked on improving many woody species. Donglin and Jordan will show you some potential new woody plants for your gardens and landscapes.

Evaluation of New and Old Muscadine and Winegrape Cultivars in the Georgia Piedmont
Dr. Cain Hickey
University breeding programs have historically and recently produced muscadine and winegrape cultivars that are highly sought after by commercial growers. Cultivars were purposefully developed for specific attributes such as consumer preference and/or pest tolerance. The performance of these cultivars are being evaluated by the UGA Extension Viticulture Team through applied research trials located at the Durham Horticulture Farm.

Landscape Establishment, Pruning, and Mulching Studies
Dr. Tim Smalley
Do Hydrosource Hydrogels Reduce the Need for Fertilization of Salvia. Hydrogels absorb water and fertilizer. This study examines the effect of Hydrosource hydrogel on growth of Salvai at the recommended rate of fertilization and the reduced rate of fertilization.

Rejuvenation pruning practices. This is a long-term study comparing the effect of thinning main shoots of Loropetalum yearly versus cutting the shoots to knee level yearly.

Effect of mulching on survival of boxwoods (Buxus sempervirens). Plants were irrigated at two different levels and mulched or unmatched to determine the effect of excess soil moisture on the survival boxwood inoculated with Phytophthora.

New Ornamentals – A UGA/CANR Cooperative Effort
Dr. Matthew Chappell, Brian Jernigan, Mike McCorkle
In 2014, the Center for Applied Nursery Research and the University of Georgia Department of Horticulture initiated a joint effort to develop new woody ornamentals for the nursery industry. Those efforts have resulted in several newly introduced ornamental cultivars including gardenias, loropetalum, and camellia. We’ll describe the process of creating and evaluating these new cultivars, and even give away a few plants via raffle drawings at lunch.

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