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Rutland Farms –

The Rutland Farms was a very inspirational trip to me during the 2017 UGA college spring break tour. The reason I enjoyed Rutland Farms so much is because it was a nice breath of fresh air during the trip. When we first arrived, we received a history of Rutland Farms where I learned that it was founded in 1916. When it began in in 1916, the farm was only 36 acres and now by the year 2017 the farm had grown to 2,100 acres! Another fun fact about Rutland Farms is that it has been a family-run farm since the beginning. Our tour guide was a third generation owner, and during the tour we passed a pond he called his granddaddy’s and that the biggest bass he ever caught out of it was 14 pounds! He told me I could come fish anytime I wanted, and this was just another reason I will be revisiting Rutland Farms.

When we arrived we all boarded a wagon that was then pulled by a tractor where we had a tour guide explain to us all the animals, ponds, and farm lands in their area. At the end of the enjoyable wagon ride, we went on to their petting zoo to enjoy feeding baby goats, pigs, miniature horses, cows, and ostriches. This was such a fun experience petting the animals and feeding them. As we were feeding the animals. the tour guide showed us a giant pig they called Porkchop and showed us how he had trained the pig to shake his head yes when he asked the pig if it wanted bread.

After the petting zoo we jumped back on the wagon and entered the Rutland farmer’s market.  This was a great idea that had been formed to start a market where they sold their fresh fruits from the farm like strawberries. We also could pick fresh strawberries and eat them as we pleased, then Rutland Farms offered us free ice cream. This farm was a great visit that really opened my eyes and inspired me to visit more agritourism attractions like Rutland Farms.