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SAS Institute Resources

SAS/STAT® documentation (ver. 14.3)  Documentation for the statistical procedures is daunting at first glance. A few years ago, I read there were 75 statistical procedures and 8000 pages of documentation! Typically, agricultural scientists only use a few of them to analyze data from their experiments.

SAS® Software documentation (ver. 9.4) The current release of SAS Software is version 9.4 (TS1, maintenance release 4). This includes SAS/STAT (ver. 14.3). Navigating the product documentation can be a challenge. Judicious use of bookmarks obviates the need to start at the beginning each time.

SAS® Communities   SAS Forums and other resources. Browse the topics or create an ID and participate with questions and answers.

SAS® Blogs  SAS Institute developers and other personnel post articles about using SAS Software to answer questions and solve problems on a variety of topics. A couple good ones are Programming Tips and Data Visualization.

SAS® Video Tutorials  Many of the tutorials use the newer SAS® Studio programming environment instead of the older Display Manager interface that most users are accustomed to. This interface is included with our license and can be accessed by clicking the Windows Start Menu -> SAS -> SAS Studio. It will launch (slowly) and run in your default web browser. There is a known problem (and fix) using it with the Chrome browser. With few exceptions, SAS programs work the same way, regardless of the interface.

Step-by-Step Programming with Base SAS® Software  This is a very good online handbook for learning SAS programming. It is somewhat dated, but as mentioned above, basic SAS programming concepts work the same now as they did 35 years ago. A good understanding of basic SAS programming enables one to learn advanced and newer concepts more easily.

FASTats: Frequently Asked-for Statistics  Glossary of statistical terms.  Many of the terms and definitions contain links to SAS product documentation. It was updated in July 2018.