JMP Software

JMP® Software is a statistical data analysis package from SAS Institute Inc. It incorporates a graphical user interface (GUI) to guide users through data exploration, graphical data representation and statistical analyses. Menus allow users to select graphical and analytical techniques without the burden of writing programs. One goal of the software is to have a graph that accompanies every analytical task. A scripting language is available for extending an analysis and automating tasks. While it doesn’t have the power and depth of SAS® Software, its interface and ease of use make it a popular data analysis package.

JMP® Software and license  The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences maintains a site license for JMP® Software. UGA faculty, students and staff may download the software for their work and personal computers at no cost. A MyID login is required to download the software.

JMP® Statistical Discovery website   JMP’s official website has a wealth of online material for learning JMP. Browse around to find tutorials, books, webinars, file exchanges (scripts), forums, blogs and a host of other online resources.