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Mean separation test tables have a new look

The default output for LS-mean separation test tables have a new look in version 14.3 of SAS/STAT® Software. Instead of a table displaying ls-mean values with letters that identify mean differences, there is a graphic that identifies mean differences using different colored vertical bars. The command:

lsmeans trt / pdiff lines;  produces this:

instead of this:

Some users don’t like the new table, preferring the old style table with letters. One way to change the default behavior is to turn off ODS graphics before the procedure that has the ls-means statement. Like this:

ods graphics off;

This suppresses all automatic graphs, like the residual plots, so this may not be a good solution. Another way to get the old style table is to use the new linestable option instead of the lines option.

lsmeans trt / pdiff linestable; 

This option produces both the old and new style tables.