My extension and research program focuses on the management of multitude of plant diseases that affect over 20 different vegetable crops produced in Georgia. Our research is focused on Fusarium wilt of watermelon, (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum), Alternaria-complex in brassica, anthracnose in pepper and cucurbits, host-resistance to whitefly-transmitted virus complex in vegetables, and a complex of bacterial diseases of onion and solanaceous crops. Our lab focuses in translational plant pathology and utilizes various tools ranging from genomics and genetics (host and pathogens) to field based applied research to answer questions relevant to our vegetable growers in Georgia. 

Awards, honors and special recognition:

  • Donnie H. Morris Award for Excellence in Extension (2023): Awarded by the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Grower Association.
  • Excellence in Service Award (2022): Awarded by the Vidalia Onion Committee.
  • Junior Extension Specialist of the year (2020): Awarded by the Georgia Association of County Agricultural Agents.
  • Gary A. Herzog award for excellence in research (2020): UGA Tifton campus.
  • Friends of Southern IPM, Bright Idea award (2019): This program recognizes extraordinary achievement in research, Extension and implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the southern region of the United States.
  • Excellence in multi-state research award (2018): Awarded by the Western Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors to the W-3008 onion pest and disease-working group.
  • Michael J. Bader award for excellence in extension (2018): UGA Tifton campus.
  • Recognized as “40 under 40” (2018) in Fruit and Vegetable Industry by Fruit and Vegetable News.