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We strive to bring you the latest in Vegetable Disease Management Research in Dr. Dutta’s program

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Analyzing Anthracnose: Cucurbit Disease a Major
Issue for Growers
DECEMBER 6, 2021 By: Clint Thompson


Organic Vidalia Onion Industry: Challenges in Sour Skin Management


Photo courtesy of Bugwood/Shows sour skin on disease on an onion.

Alternaria Leaf Blight and Head Rot in Brassica: A mystery or an old nemesis with new arsenal?

Fungicide resistance spells trouble for Georgia, Virginia vegetable farmers

Clint Thompson (UGA CAES News)

Pictured are the symptoms of Alternaria leaf blight disease on brassica crops, including broccoli, collard and kale. Alternaria is a foliar pathogen, and symptoms first appear on older leaves as small, dark spots that gradually enlarge with concentric rings.PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: BHABESH DUTTA